creatiVE 2014 – Summer School on Virtual Environments. 3rd Virtual Heritage Edition

This event has the following spponsors:AYG
This event has the following partners:National Museum of History and Archaeology - Constanta - Romania (MINAC),Museum of Natural Sciences - Constanta - Romania (CMSN),Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava - Romania (USV),Technical University of Delft - The Netherlands (TU Delft),Technical University of Cluj-Napoca - Romania (UTCluj)
Organizatori:Popovici Dorin Mircea,Bautu Elena,Bogdan Crenguta,Corleanca Alexandru Cristian
Participanti:Datcu D.,Gorgan D.,Neamtu C.,Papadopol N.,Pentiuc S.Ghe.,Antone V.,Bran E.,Cozma M.,Dinu M.,Dumitrasc A.,Giuglea R.,Hutanu Raluca Alexandra,Juganaru V.C.,Popovici M.I.,Serban Alexandru Constantin,Stefan R.,Ursu N.,Vacaroiu A.I.

Become immersed into the amazing history of Scythia Minor, and celebrate the victory through third millenium technology through the three-dimensional reconstruction and animation of a authentic Dobrogean Windmill situated at Constanta’s Museum of Natural Sciences. For more information, please visit the creatiVE 2014 website.