Un viitor pentru trecut – clasarea și valorificarea patrimoniului epigrafic și sculptural callatian – CALL01-9

„Un viitor pentru trecut – clasarea și valorificarea patrimoniului epigrafic și sculptural callatian” (Cod unic proiect CALL01-9), proiect finanțat prin Granturile SEE 2014-2021 în cadrul Programului RO-CULTURA, apelul „Susținerea expozițiilor inovative cu bunuri culturale mobile restaurate”. Entităţile responsabile de implementarea


Grant Contract no. 21PCCDI/2018 Project code: PN-III-P1-1.2-PCCDI-2017-0917 Project Name: Hybrid platform for visible light communications and augmented reality for the development of intelligent systems for active vehicle assistance and safety Acronym: CAR Safe Component Subproject 2 Subproject Name: Effective smart-based


The main objective of the project is the launching of the workforce CERVA (Research in Virtual and Augmented Reality) as a nucleus of cutting-edge scientific and technological competence in the haptic research field, at international standards, as part of Ovidius


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In short terms, the goal of the IIUBAR project was to obtain an information point for the unadvised public, for enhancing the user’s experience in a given environment. What interested us in the first place, was a natural interaction between


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ScientView is a VR-based software that allows the user immersion within the simulated virtual environment, in particular the evolution of the degradation of the physical properties of the materials under the conditions of the irradiation-induced defect formation in various metals


Training engineer students to become experts in NDT, usually hire experts in specific line of business, like maintenance of engines, ships, aircrafts or maintenance of pipelines in oil or nuclear industry, need to invest funding for increase performance and quality


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Virtual Aquarium – Virtual Dive

In the Virtual Aquarium we explored the behavior of four different fish species (simple, shoal, prey and curious). The scenario notion is relaxed in the sense that each fish (modeled as an agent) has a set of goals and decides,


Since 2004, the research team has been actively involved in the INTUITION European Excellency Network (IST-NMP-1-507248-2), in the WG2.9 – Education and Training using VR/VE, WG2.7 – Culture and Entertainment working groups.


The Ozanne Project applied the above-mentioned method to a different context, i.e., virtual tours. Based on a virtual distributed environment, it allows the users to participate in guided virtual tours, or conferences-like working sessions. A human expert acts as the

Virtual Theater

The theme of the project Virtual Theater was inspired by First Forum for Virtual Technologies: the Fables of La Fontaine and the XXI-st century Technologies (Virtu@Brest2001), which shows that games instill positive values in children, contrary to violence under its


EVE – Environnements Virtuels pour Enfants – brought together the results of previous projects. Started in 1998, financed by Fonds Francophone des Inforoutes ( until 2003 and then by the Regions of Bretagne and Pays de la Loire, France, until