Membri ce au participat la proiect:Popovici Dorin Mircea, Bogdan Crenguta, Bautu Elena, Nicola Aurelian, Polceanu Mihai, Seitan Adrian, Petre Costin, Corleanca Alexandru Cristian

The main objective of the project is the launching of the workforce CERVA (Research in Virtual and Augmented Reality) as a nucleus of cutting-edge scientific and technological competence in the haptic research field, at international standards, as part of Ovidius University. The objective will be achieved by transferring the scientific and technical expertise from Dr. Felix G. Hamza-Lup, expert in the design and development of user interfaces with haptic-feedback (i.e. tactile retroaction) and their usage in medical training and patient rehabilitation, to the Ovidius University team. Specifically, the project is oriented towards simulation applications in the medical field, especially in surgeon training and applications for medical rehabilitation (e.g. motor rehabilitation of patients after strokes or other accidents which have affected the motor system).

You can find out more about the HapticMed project here: http://HapticMed.cerva.ro